Manufacturer Profile: ABB

Automation, CNC, ABB

ABB is a leader in market of automation and power technologies that provide industry and utility customers with enhancement of work efficiency on the on hand, and with the decrease of negative impact on environment, on the other hand. The ABB Group of companies is located in nearly 100 countries and employs around 145,000 people.

Power Products
It is divided into electric, water and gas utilities and also commercial and industrial clients, who provide us with great variety of services and products to facilitate electricity production, power transmission and its distribution. Such highly technological system include circuit breakers for a range of current ratings and voltage levels, high-/medium-voltage commutator switch, power, distribution, electric operation and other transducers, in order to distribute and transmit electricity effectively and secure, check the quality of power the same as monitor and regulate electrical networks.
Power Systems
The division delivers solutions across the capacity level chain. The system solutions, in their turn, deal with electricity production, transmission technologies such as FACTS and HVDC, transformer yards and also distribution technologies for management of network. A standard project consists of design, engineering of systems, maintenance, installation, monitoring and testing. Besides, we combine our own products from Power Products division and additional suppliers, providing them with required value throug expertise, project management, engineering and maintenance services.
Discrete Motion and Automation 
To improve industrial efficiency and quality of energy, the abovementioned division provides solutions, products, and appropriate services. A great variety of automation applications need generators, PLCs, drives, motors and power electronics.  There is a great demand on wind generators and a growing offering in solar complement the industrial focus, making the best use of technology, operations platforms and channels.
Low Voltage Products
The Low Voltage Products are divided into low-voltage circuit breakers, commutator switches, control software products, wiring accessories, protective cases and cable systems, electronic devices and different installations from overcurrent. The division furthermore makes KNX systems that automate and co-operate electrical installations of a building, systems of ventilation, security and  finally software communication .
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