Warranty Terms

ALFA-INC warrants at the time of shipment, new and used products sold by ALFA-INC shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship. ALFA-INC warrants that for a period of six (6) months on most products sold or serviced and for a period of twelve (12) months on parts and labor on Motor serviced items from the date of shipment.

Products that have failed during the warranty period must be returned to ALFA-INC for inspection and repair (See Product Repair & Return Policy). If any product or part is found by ALFA-INC to be defective, ALFA-INC will, at its sole discretion and as Buyer’s exclusive remedy, either repair, replace or return the purchase price paid to ALFA-INC; provided that the subject product is used under normal conditions for which it was designed and installed, operated and maintained in accordance with ALFA-INC' instructions and in accordance with generally accepted industrial practices. ALFA-INC will not be responsible for unauthorized repairs to any products, even if defective. ALFA-INC shall not be responsible for any products which have been altered, abused, misused, or improperly installed or repaired, or for any loss, damage, defect, claim or non-performance resulting from or attributable to Buyer's specifications.

Products repaired or replaced during the warranty period shall be covered by the foregoing warranty for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days from date of the repair or shipment of the replacement, whichever is longer. ALFA-INC warrants, for a period of thirty (30) days, that services shall be performed in a workmanlike manner. Buyer’s sole remedy for a breach of this service warranty is limited to further service or a refund or credit of amounts paid by Buyer, at Seller’s option.

Where Buyer orders non-stock products ALFA-INC will, to the extent permitted, pass through to Buyer any warranty of the manufacturer. As to such items, Buyer’s sole remedy for breach of warranty shall be the remedy offered by and available from the manufacturer, if any.

The above warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, whether implied, statutory or otherwise arising under applicable law. Buyer’s exclusive remedy shall be at the sole election of ALFA-INC of repair, replacement, or return of the purchase price or fee paid to ALFA-INC for, the particular defective product or service. Buyer shall be without remedy with respect to products which have been tampered with, altered, modified or reworked by any party not authorized by ALFA-INC.

In no event shall ALFA-INC be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, without limitations for loss of revenues, damage to buyer’s equipment or expenses resulting from “down time” whether or not caused by the negligence of ALFA-INC repairs.