About Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc

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Mr. Yuji Kajikawa, chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc, contemplates the support of automation needs of customers in Latin and North America with marketing, combined sales, rendering of services, productive and engineering resources. This very idea is being fulfilled through a factory situated in Vernon Hills, IL. It is the place where all facilities of automation needs can be serviced, referring to production, projection, training, rendering of service, maintenance, realization and warehousing.

Being one of the Mitsubishi automation branches, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., belongs to a $40 billion enterprise supplying many of industrial markets with a wide range of automation articles from machine control logic, different frequency drives, operator stations, motion control systems (MCS), computerized numerical controller, industrial sewing machines, servo engines and amplifiers , and robot machines. The policy of the enterprise is devoted not only to provide all appropriate information and service to Mitsubishi clients, but also promoting the local community and making a worthy work environment for its workers.

Mitsubishi, Inc. grants each customer automation support, training at customer stations and other whereabouts countrywide, service consultants and technical staff to assure maintenance diagnostics and handling of orders; understandable STI information and a library of support material to give answers to customer’s questions, and also quick maintenance service. Mitsubishi does best to keep efficient work at high level, no matter the difficulties.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. offers systems, industrial automation products, services and software to meet client’s needs while functioning duly.  We are very much concerned of the environment in Vernon Hills, Illinois, where we operate.  We value the environment by making environmentally friendly decisions that is top management concern of our personnel and the organization in whole.  

Here are the following environmental principals:

  • Correspond to legal, corporate and customer requirements concerning environmental protection. 
  • The company cares about its harmful materials and wastes disposal. 
  • Reserve natural riches and reduce the extent of wastes and contamination.
  • Improve and prevent pollution situation by regularly reviewing the impacts to the environment.
  • Control and inspect the environmental management system.
  • Practice environmental activities and respond quickly to corresponding parties
  • Ensure that the personnel are aware of philosophy of the organization, ways and work of activities for environmental protection.

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