Hitachi Variable Frequency Drives

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We can divide all electric motor drives in two major categories: DC and AC. An electric motor drive regulates the torque, direction, horsepower and speed of a motor. A DC drive generally regulates a shunt-wound DC motor, which has independent field circuits and armature. AC motor drives regulate AC induction motor, and, like their DC prototype, they also regulate torque, horsepower and speed.

Hitachi produces a full range of AC VFI induction motor drives under 500hp. Thus, four leading production lines offer a great variety of apparatus in the commercial HVAC and industrial markets.

VFD saves energy by lowering the amount of power used by motors driving fans, centrifugal pumps and other different rotating-based equipment. The quantity of energy consumed by the machinery is balanced and optimized owing to motor speed control. Reduced energy converts into emissions of the reduced carbon (CO2). Hitachi is devoted to environmental protection, that is why this company tries to provide its customers with “green” equipment. Here is a short description of the six production lines of Hitachi VFDs.

X200 Series
  • Hitachi X200 Series Inverters are produced in compliance with RoHS standards
  • Sleep Mode function is applied to all X200 models
  • An optional regenerative converters are able to bring back power to the AC line without wasting it as heat in dynamic braking resistors
  • Sleep Mode functionality is applied to all X200 models
  • Emergency stop function
  • Contactor-style package (power in at top/motor out at bottom)
  • Hitachi X200 Series Inverters are produced in compliance with RoHS standards
  • Advanced logic and calculate functions
  • Improved trip avoidance
  • Patented micro-surge electric potential suppression
  • Suitable class="table" for side-by-side mounting
  • Built in RTU/RS-485 Modbus
  • Continious operation after momentary power failure
  • Ratings 230 V ,¼ to 3 hp, single or 3-phase; 230 V, 5 to 10 hp, 3-phase;460 V, ½ to 10 hp, 3-phase.
L100M Series
  • Minimal volume
  • Hitachi developed ISPM power structural unit grants quiet work performance
  • Network service simplifies the customization requirements of the user
  • Ratings: 115 V,1/4 hp to 1 hp (single phase input), 230 V(three phase output)